1. LMS Hosting
We have industry specialist to provide quality LMS hosting to our clients. All hosting services are provided by the dedicated servers in the data center available with the option to choose with in-house hosting solutions or with the provision of LMS certified partner’s hosting services.
Generic Features of our Hosting
 Free domain name
 User Accounts ( 1 – 2000, scalable with pricing )
 Storage ( 10GB – 100GB, scalable with pricing )
 Basic Theme with logo and customized front page
 Complete backup
 Technical Support
 Administration Support(if required at nominal price)
 Free Course Design
 Pro-rated hosting contract with addition of features and bandwidth anytime
 Timely system upgrades
We are able to provide the hosting solutions for all sizes of organization and get assured for maximum benefit with the best value ($). Contact us for a quote!

2. LMS Software and System Supportand Integration
We work with certified partners to bring you all levels of expertise to all new and existing training providers.

For budding organization:
We can provide you complete LMS package to suit your requirements and budget whether you are a small or individual or larger and progressive business. We will tailor your organizational requirements for all training and delivery with business centric approach to justify LEARNNET in your learning and delivery environment. For individual business or smaller organization we will take care of all your LMS venture project from zero to fully operational LMS without any dedicated staff on your side. We also provide services to outsource your LMS administration with our dedicated staff and lessen you burden with dedicated staff and time and get focused on other business goals.
For established organization:
With in-house experts and working with certified partners, we can help you migrate your old system to LEARNNET without disrupting your service. For organizations who are considering for first time implementation of LMS, we adopt a flexible method with a thorough consultation. We assess our client training requirement and their content and only then suggest them of the delivery method. Based on agreement we then brand LEARNNET with theme, design and user interface to get the product for final delivery and service. To help ensure quality we timely measure your operation so that the investment on LEARNNET is justified.

3. LMS Training
We are always aware of the circumstances where businesses and RTOs will require hands on support and training with LMS. We have dedicated team to answer our client all queries on LEARNNET. Our helpdesk runs with utmost care and quick responses for all kinds of LMS problems and difficulties. For organizations without any IT support team, we provide free training (online or on-site training) to get you started with the training and delivery. To minimize our client cost, we have been providing outsourcing service on LMS administration, so we will create the courses, maintain the courses, deliver and maintain the resources [content] and provide all kinds of ICT support at very reasonable price.

4. Essential RTO Software and Third Party Licenses
We also provide our valued clients with third party software in managing the training organization such as maintaining student data for compliance and business operation. We can bring you the best package and make you hassle free of too much market consultation with loss of time and money.
We also provide our client to get licenses for third party application which can be integrated on the learning management system.

5. Outsourcing LMS Administration and virtual staff
For all client without dedicated staff, we can provide you a virtual staff, who will work taking control of your LMS administration. Our virtual staff will assist on providing services related with LEARNNET such as course management, course creation, site administrations, most favorably on daily basis. The service level agreement will determine all ad-hoc duties from our virtual staff. We provide our client with online helpdesk system for support and incidence management with the provision of workflow tracking and reporting system. We are locally based in Sydney, NSW and all our virtual staffs work from our office in Sydney.