LEARNNET is a learning management system (LMS), well packaged Moodle (Open Source LMS). LEARNNET is hosted software as a service which works as a virtual classroom where trainer and student can interact in a similar environment to that of school classroom. LEARNNET comes with virtual classroom called ‘My eCLASS’ where interaction can be of several kinds such as making academic resources available on the Internet such as course resources, lecture slides, books and study guides and student can submit their assignments, class activities and get the results, feedbacks on work done online and even participate in forums and chats.

LEARNNET is Software as a Service, tested and well packaged to become a compliant RTOs. All our clients benefits by getting free compliance consultation and choosing this options brings more value in terms of quality, pricing and reliability to meet scalable and enterprise solution for all sizes, new and operating RTOs.

LEARNNET is Learning Management System, Moodle
LEARNNET a.k.a. Learning Management System is based on Open Source Moodle and envisioned in support of vocational education for training and delivery. Moodle provides a platform for bother educators, trainers and learners with an integrated and trusted system to create personalized learning environment. Moodle is community driven Open Source Project, supported by many certified Moodle Partners all over the world and have a huge resources with regular update cycle. More information on Moodle can be accessed at moodle.org.
Moodle: Why is this LMS worth considering for Registered Training Organization?
1. Moodle is Open Source initiative and freely distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License and thus Moodle Documentation is available free of cost and dedicated website with active community has been serving long.

2. Moodle is IMS LTI™ Certified which allows users to integrate any internally/externally hosted applications to work within single platform thus reduces the load of compatibility and integration of learning applications.

3. Moodle is SCORM[standard for web based e-learning ] 1.2 compliant. It is possible to upload all SCORM or AICC package to the Moodle course.

4. Moodle supports Open Badges so user can be issued with digital badges to recognize the skill gained during training and or learning.

Features of LEARNNET
LEARNNET focuses on the features which empowers the learning with collaboration tools between a trainer and learner.

Training Program / Qualification Management Features:

  • Allows you to create a course, training program or qualification with different delivery modes (instructor-led, self-paced, blended or online)
  • Enormous collaborative tools and features(assignments, chat, database, forum, lesson, quiz, SCORM, survey, wiki, workshop, choice, glossary)
  • Integration of multimedia resources to enhance learning(audio, video content along with video chat)
  • Facilities of digital assignments, its grading and control and moderation of assessments
  • Issues qualification completion letter
  • Reporting and analytics on course participation and course completion progress indicators
  • Learning tracking for online activities along with attendance
  • Online exams, MCQ or quizzes

Administration Features:

  • Allows student to enrol in a single or number of courses / training programs
  • Provides role based(student, trainer, manager, admin) secure authentication to learning management system
  • User access/permission control to resources, courses and activities
  • Reporting features on site administration
  • Lots of add-ons to add extra functionality to LMS
  • Allows scheduling and setting calendar

Communication Features:

  •  Facilities of Wikis, Blog, Forum, internet Room
  •  Conferencing(voice, video) with Classroom Over the Internet
  •  Internal Messaging and Live Chat available to all users
  •  Site level, class based, group based notification system and messaging system